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Who killed my neighbor?

“Who killed my neighbor?” is a game inspired by the film "Rear Window" by director Hitchcock.
In this game with a fixed camera and minimalist graphics, the player will control the game's protagonist, an ordinary guy with a common routine, a peaceful and monotonous life. A mysterious virus attacks the world, forcing everyone to stay at home. Stuck in his house, he starts working from home, dividing his daily routine with work. On any given day he ends up witnessing a murder from his window which completely changes his routine, now he finds himself trapped in a tangle of mystery as the world collapses outside his apartment.

“Who killed my neighbor?” is an interactive narrative, full of suspense and intrigue.

Level Design

The apartment was designed to work with a fixed camera and with the aim that each room in the apartment had its own intention within the story.
The central room aims to present the player with all the rooms in the apartment, the objective is for the player to have visual access to all the rooms, a safe place in the game.
The room focuses on showing the character's bed, with the camera viewing only part of the door, with the intention of creating tension due to the player's limited vision when he goes to sleep.
The bathroom with its superior view aims to show the mirror and the interior of the shower, it is a tight place but with no room for surprises.
The kitchen that gives access to the apartment's exit door is a safe area, however, due to the fact that it is at an opposite angle to the window, the main point of the game aims to give the player the intention of fulnerability because he may be being observed
And finally we have the living room, the main room of the game, here the player will frequently look for new clues when spying on the neighbors.

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